How to Use a Male Stroker Sex Toy

A male stroker sex toy is an excellent way to take self-pleasure up a notch. They can also be used for sexual play, either solo or with a partner. They come in many shapes, sizes and designs. But they all have a single purpose, to turn masturbation from a guilty pleasure into an indulgence.

Typically consisting of a soft sleeve to upgrade your oft-used hand, men’s strokers are textured to pinpoint nerve endings. Some are designed to be inserted, others are more like a toy you’d leave on display in your living room. Whether you’re looking for a toy that will be as sexy as it is discreet, or one that will work well in the shower (if you’re using a waterproof version), we have a male stroker for you.

While the sleeve is the primary feature of male strokers, some manufacturers have pushed the envelope by adding extra features to make masturbation more pleasurable and interesting. The TENGA Flip Zero EV, for example, opens up like a book to engulf the entire penis. It also has a sleeve texture that was voted the most intense in the industry.

Other male strokers, like the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust, have a patented design that simulates oral sex. It pinpoints three specific areas along the shaft to stimulate arousal and increase sensation during sexual activity. Still others are engineered to feel good in a hand, or are shaped for a more realistic climax. Some have multiple vibrating cores to amplify the experience, while others are easy to clean, and some are compatible with mounts and harnesses for hands-free use.

Most sex toys come with instructions for use. But, in general, you simply lubricate the sleeve and your genitals, insert, and stroke. If your stroker has added functionalities, such as vibration, press the designated button to engage the settings. You can also experiment with different pressures, speeds and directions of stroking.

The more you use a male stroker, the more you’ll learn what kinds of textures and pressures you enjoy most. You can even develop a fetish for certain types of sleeves, if you want to go that far. Just don’t forget to re-lubricate. Friction doesn’t feel good and can lead to discomfort. If you’re using a stroker with a partner, try to notice non-verbal cues such as body language and verbal communication like moans. During orgasm, communicate with your partner about what feels best and don’t be afraid to ask for harder or softer strokes.

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