Men’s Sex Toys Are Getting Better and More Diverse

male sex toys

Men’s sex toys are getting better, and more diverse, than ever before. There are now strokers designed to target the clitoris or perineum, as well as penis vibrators, prostate massagers, and even a device that replicates the sensation of a blowjob. (A word of caution: most of these sex toys need to be used with a water-based lube to feel at their best.)

Whether you’re masturbating by yourself or with a partner, there’s a male sex toy for every occasion. In fact, many of these gadgets are specifically designed to elevate couple’s play and arousal by stimulating both parties. They also offer relief for people who struggle with erectile issues or those who experience premature ejaculation, as they can help to increase blood flow and prevent those problems.

In the past, male masturbation devices tended to be overpriced and clunky, but the market is now flooded with affordable and technologically advanced options. Some male sex toys even connect to your smartphone or computer and sync with 2D and VR videos for real-time pleasure.

There are also sex toys that can be used on both the anus and the clitoris, which offers an extra level of pleasurable stimulation for those who want it. This cock ring by Come As You Are, for example, can be worn around the shaft or testicles and is compatible with most smartphones. It also comes with two vibration speeds and three patterns for maximum pleasure.

The Flip Zero EV by Tenga is an impressive addition to the male masturbation toy market. Its canal is shaped to perfectly fit around your anus for a satisfying grip and stroke. It can also be slid up against your clitoris or sphincter for deepthroating action and can last up to 1 hour on a charge.

Another new toy that’s causing waves is the air-stroker Arcwave Ion by WOW Tech Group. It stimulates the nerve endings in the head of your penis to deliver an orgasm similar to those you might experience with a clitoris stimulator. It also works as a penis vibrator and can be used on both the clitoris and frenulum.

This year also saw the release of a toy that aims to replace the dreaded condom in men’s toiletries by using a series of vibrations and sounds to “recreate the pleasurable sensation of an erection.” The device uses a vibrating ring to envelop your anus, and a remote control to select different intensity levels.

This male sex toy might sound gross, but it’s actually a great way to get more out of your masturbation sessions. It’s super easy to clean, and you can use it alone or with a partner to enjoy stimulating the clitoris and vulva simultaneously. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about losing it in the bathroom.

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