A Guide to Male Masturbators

male masturbators

Masturbators are a fun addition to anyone’s sex toy collection, and can be especially fun for couples who enjoy masturbation with each other. A male masturbator can be used for a variety of pleasure sensations, from vibrations to suctioning to nodule textures. There’s a bit of taboo, or stigma, around men having their own masturbators, but these toys are incredibly satisfying and can help build up orgasms for a longer period of time than just using the cock alone. These toys can also be useful for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation.

There are a wide array of male masturbators available on the market, from silicone and TPE to latex. Silicone is hypoallergenic and easy to clean, while TPE feels soft and stretchy. Some of the best male masturbators feature a combination of silicone and TPE, for a more realistic feel. The TENGA Flip-Hole is a great example of this. This masturbator features a rotating shaft that offers a variety of bump, wave and nodule patterns that can be controlled by simply tilting the toy. It’s also able to be cooled in the fridge or warmed in hot water for even more unique stimulation options.

Another option is a stroker, which moves the stimulating sleeve up and down your penis with an in-built motor for hands-free pleasure. These toys can offer a very intense experience, and are great for beginners to the world of sex toys. The Lelo F1S V2 is an excellent stroker toy, with a variety of settings, and the ability to be controlled through a smartphone app.

Other toys can add extra stimulation to your orgasms, such as a vibrating cock ring. These are great for first-time users, as they’re not too intimidating or overstimulating. Some sex toy professionals recommend starting with a simpler product, such as a cock ring, and gradually adding new toys into your collection.

There are also a number of male masturbators that allow for simultaneous masturbation, which can be great for a couple looking to upgrade their foreplay. There are also toys that allow for a visual tease, which can be used as a fun way to stimulate each other.

No matter which male masturbator you decide to try, it’s important to always use a high-quality lubricant, and to clean your toy before and after each session. It’s a good idea to do random checks for any cuts or broken areas, as these are where the majority of bacteria build up. Keeping your toy clean will ensure it lasts longer, and keeps you safe from any infections. It’s also a good idea to experiment with different strokes and speeds, as everyone’s preferences are different.

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