Male Sex Toys For Every Need

Male sex toys have been coming back into fashion. They’ve long been stigmatized, but now they’re being sold on mainstream sites like Amazon. And brands have responded by releasing a variety of sex toys that address every need.

Sex toys are a great way to relax and release tension, but they can also elevate your sex life when used in conjunction with a partner, boosting intimacy between the two of you (even if you’re not partnered up). And while some men shun sex toys due to their association with sexualized products that women use, many find them incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.

Strokers and Fleshlights

Strokers are squishy sleeves that mimic the feel of a vagina or mouth, which can be particularly stimulating during masturbation. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a popular choice amongst our sex experts is the Tenga Flip Zero.

Its soft exterior is shaped to match the contour of your penis, and it’s easy to slide on. Apply some water-based lube and grind away to your heart’s content!

Prostate Massagers

Your prostate is a nerve-ending-packed pleasure center that, when stimulated, can lead to body-rippling orgasms. But until recently, the only way to stimulate this part of your anatomy was with a vibrator, which was usually an embarrassing accessory for most men.

Now, however, more and more straight dudes are using prostate toys to explore their genitalia. Some, such as We-Vibe’s Vector, are waterproof and can be used in a steamy tub or shower.

Others, such as the Gush, have a flexible exterior that moves to fit the contour of your penis, making them more versatile and less likely to cause pain or discomfort.

The most important factor in choosing a male masturbation toy is whether or not it’s comfortable and stimulating, says Stewart. She recommends the Flip Zero if you want a toy that can help you get from flaccid to erect, or to simulate the cowgirl position, as it’s equipped with a variety of thrusting levels.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more advanced, consider an air stroker like the Arcwave Ion from WOW Tech Group. It’s designed to deliver an orgasm similar to those that someone with a clitoris might experience by stimulating the nerve endings in the head of your penis.

A similar toy, the nJoy Pure Wand, is a silicone-ribbed male masturbator with 12 speeds and eight patterns that you can customize. It’s ideal for solo lovers who like the idea of massaging their penis with a vibrating toy.

This sex toy is designed to stimulate both your partner’s and your own clitoris for an orgasm that’s equal in intensity to the one you’ll get from a clitoris massager, but without the potential for pain or discomfort. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants a hands-free, pulsating sex toy, especially if you travel a lot.

When selecting a sex toy, it’s important to remember that it’s best to buy a quality product and take good care of it. “Always wash and sanitise your toys after use,” advises Cam Fraser, a sexologist. And be sure to wrap them up in a condom when they’re not being used, so you can keep them safe and secure.

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