What Is a Male Stroker Sex Toy?

A male stroker sex toy is a masturbation device that stimulates the shaft and frenulum of your penis. It can be used solo or with a partner and is especially helpful for those with erectile dysfunction, such as Peyronie’s disease. It’s also great for masturbation in general and to help boost foreplay, intimacy, or sexual performance. Most have a canal or sleeve-like design and are made from porous materials like cyberskin, urethane, or silicone. These toys are available with or without vibrations and can have a variety of textures for extra sensation. Some are even designed to mimic oral sex.

Some men like to lick their strokers for added pleasure. Some use a lube on the outside to add excitement and to create friction, while others prefer to explore the shaft or canal with their tongues. The sleeve of some strokers has a textured surface that feels good to the tongue, while others have a smooth or ridged interior.

Strokers for men are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are usually sleeve-like with canals of varying widths and can be inserted into the anal area, glans, or shaft. Most strokers are flexible and able to bend in the direction you want to go, so you can find a comfortable position for you. For some strokers, you can insert a ring to add another dimension of stimulation and gratification.

Most strokers are easy to clean and require little maintenance, so you can quickly satisfy an unplanned craving or prep for intercourse. They are often compact and lightweight, making them easy to travel with. Many feature convenient travel locks and whisper-quiet motors for discreet use. Others are fully waterproof so they can be enjoyed in the shower, bath, hot tub, or pool.

Several men’s strokers come with an integrated massager for extra pleasure. The Lovense Max 2 is a perfect example of a sex toy that has multiple pleasure features to enhance stroking and foreplay. It has seven built-in vibrating functions to choose from, including arousing orgasms, and it can sync with another Lovense toy for group play. It’s available in four colors, and it has a 210-minute battery life.

Another fun option is the Keon stroker. This stroker can give you 230 strokes per minute and is a lot more flexible than other models. It’s also easy to control with a simple button interface. The Keon can be used with a ring, but it also comes with a couple of removable inserts.

It’s important to store your sex toy properly so that it doesn’t pick up bacteria or germs from other dirty toys or from the user. Many strokers come with a case or pouch to keep them in, but you can also use any type of case that secures with velcro or a zipper. You should always wash your sex toy with warm water after use, as well. Then, let it dry completely before storing.

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