How to Use a Male Stroker Sex Toy

male stroker sex toy

Male stroker sex toys are more varied and widely available than ever before. The options range from male masturbators and penis vibrators to clitoris massagers and machines meant to mimic the sensation of a blowjob. While many of these toys can be used solo, they’re also great tools for couples play. Some of them even heat up for added pleasure.

Most strokers have a hard casing with a soft, textured sleeve inside that feels good on genitals—especially when lubricated. Apply a water-based lube on the outside and inside of the toy before stroking. Experiment with stroking pressure, speed, directions and thrusting. If you’re new to stroking, start slow and work your way up to harder sensations.

Strokers can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. Some have a flexible shaft that’s easy to bend, making it possible to stroke the head of the penis or just the base. Others are more rigid and can be used to pierce the penis or clitoris. The shape of the opening on a male stroker can change how it feels to use, so don’t be afraid to play with different shapes and sizes.

A lot of strokers have a ribbed texture or other sensation-inducing features on the outside for added pleasure. You can also choose one with an opening at the bottom that lets you insert a rod or other object for extra exploration. Some strokers even have a stretchy, stretchy material that’s especially soft and sensual to the touch.

Most male strokers require a little practice to get the hang of. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you’re comfortable using it before putting it to your lips. If you’re not sure, ask the shop where you purchased it or the manufacturer for ideas and guidance. Many of these devices are easy to assemble, but you may want to get some help from a friend or partner.

Male strokers are a great way to satisfy cravings, fulfill fantasies and prepare for intercourse. They’re less expensive than dating, more reliable than a pill and can give you an orgasm that’s closer to the feeling of real-life sex. Unlike pills, these toys aren’t addictive and can be safe for long-term use with proper care.

Some of the best male strokers on the market come in multiple shapes and textures, with a variety of speeds and vibration settings. They’re usually easy to clean and have simple controls that are easy to figure out. If you’re looking for more advanced features, consider a male stroker with an app that unlocks additional stroking modes or a mount to attach it to a harness or cock.

The Tenga Flip Zero EV is a popular male stroker with a stimulating sleeve texture that’s been voted as one of the most intense in the industry. It’s non-vibrating and flips open for ultra-easy cleaning and drying.

The Fun Factory Manta is another top-rated stroker for men with an opening at the bottom of the shaft that’s easy to push into genitals. It’s also a bit firmer than the Flip Zero, but it’s still easy to handle and provides an intense experience.

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