Top Male Sex Toys

top male sex toys

As our horniest ancestors found out with anything they could get their hands on, beating their meat is just one of many ways men can satisfy their needs to self-pleasure. Now, thanks to the latest innovations in sex tech, there are more options than ever for men who want to gratify their cocks in new and exciting ways. Whether you’re looking for a simple masturbation aid or a toy with a built-in vibrator that mimics the sensation of sex, there’s something out there for every guy on your list.

For dudes who want a simple, no-frills sex toy, three of our experts recommend checking out the Tenga Flip Zero. This stroker, which looks a little like a Band-Aid or a flashlight, comes in various sizes to fit just about anyone’s penis. Inside, it’s got all kinds of grooves and cutouts to explore and, according to Duran, is a great option for those just starting out with sex toys because “it’ll give you a lot of different textures your cock has never felt before.”

Another one of our expert favorites is the Kiiro Hot Octopus Pulse Solo. This ring-shaped stroker isn’t just for stroking; it has two vibrating motors that throb up and down your sweet spot, and it can even be controlled by an app (which features a whole host of other orgasm-inducing tricks). Plus, it’s super lightweight and easy to slip on, making it perfect for a guy who wants to take his masturbation game to the next level.

A couple of our experts also sung the praises of a toy called the Cobra Libre II from male-focused brand Fun Factory. This silicone glans stimulator is designed to stimulate the penis’ glans and frenulum for a hands-free orgasm session that’s versatile enough for stamina trainers and casual masturbators alike. It’s also super slim, so it can be used with a partner during intimate moments.

LELO, which makes sleek, high-quality toys that look just as good as they feel, came up a bunch of times in our interviews. Justina Victoria, a men’s sex coach and founder of the Sexual Mastery Center, says the company’s vibrating Lelo Billy is her top pick because it’s less intimidating than most prostate stimulators and has an inner fabric pocket for added orgasms.

The Manta stroker from MysteryVibe is also a favorite of a few of our experts. It’s designed to flex around your shaft and has ridges that help retain lube for longer, smoother stroking. It can be used alone for a satisfying sensation or with a partner during oral and penetrative play.

The toy also comes with a handy extender, so you can turn it into a dildo. But don’t forget to lube up before you insert the toy in order to experience its full potential, says Frost. And if you’re buying multiple sex toys for yourself or a gift for a guy, consider investing in some inexpensive cases, drawstring bags and boxes to keep them all safe, organized and sanitary.

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